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What We Do

Fight energy poverty

Energy Poverty can be defined as the lack of adequate modern energy for the basic needs of cooking, warmth, and lighting. Globally, 1.7 billion people lacks access to electricity, and millions more have only expensive and unreliable access. In Central America alone, 7.4 million people are without electricity. Families rely on kerosene, candles, and ocote (a local pine used like a candle) for light. These energy sources are both expensive and have a negative impact on both human health and the natural environment.

energy poverty

Deliver Clean Energy

Most solar distributors in Central America serve a single country, or even a single region of a country. These are generally small organizations whose strength lies in "last mile" distribution to the end users and not in macro supply chain management. Because of their size, they have a limited cash flow and reach, meaning they can only import small volumes of product at scattered frequencies.

Importing small volumes of solar lights is both cumbersome and costly, resulting in customers paying higher prices per unit. Moreover, small distribution operations are not scalable, which means they will never be able to reach large quantities of customers who could benefit from their products.

As a bulk importer and wholesale distributor, Luciérnaga facilitates the link between the manufacturer and these smaller organizations. As a regional supplier, we can focus on the logistical details and make orders big enough to keep the price per unit low, giving thousands of rural families access to life-changing solar lights.


Strengthen Markets

Luciérnaga sells product in bulk to our channel partners such as NGOs, municipalities, retailers, and cooperatives. With our support, these customers will be able to focus on what they do best – "last mile" marketing and distribution. Our strong network of partners reach energy poor populations with their established distribution channels and financing options. Moreover, this model creates entrepreneurial opportunities for local people who want to become distributors or micro distributors, thus strengthening the market for solar products by building awareness and demand while generating income.