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Barefoot Connect 600

Barefoot Connect 600

The Barefoot Connect 600, manufactured by Barefoot Power, is a unique home lighting and cell phone charging solution for homes and small businesses that do not have access to reliable electricity. This system includes a 12 volt battery, a 6W solar panel and 4 bright LED lights that can be strung together to light up the inside or outside of the home. The battery has two USB outlets for cell phone charging and includes adapters for powering small radios and fans.

Charging the light is easy. You simply place your solar panel on a window sill or on your roof in an area that gets direct sunlight and leave it there during daylight hours. Then, after each day of sunshine, the Connect 600 will provide 6 hours of light with 4 lights on, 12 hours of light with 2 lights on, and 24 hours of light with 1 light on.

This unique product is significantly cheaper, more convenient and a higher quality alternative to traditional household solar panels or household kits that are built with parts from various suppliers. Moreover, Barefoot Power provides a 24 month warranty on all system components!

Technical Specifications:

Light – 4 lamps producing 75 lumens each (equivalent to 5 candles)

Battery - 5 year battery life

Runtime - 6 hours with 4 lights on, 12 hours with 2 lights on, and 24 hours with one light on

Warranty - 24 months

Device Charging - 2 USB outlets